New Horizons

I saw this photo on Pinterest the other day, and it resonated with the place I was in some of my career planning.  You see, I love Real Estate sales, but I was connecting with my passion when I was doing my volunteer work, coaching dragon boating. Why did I get so much fulfillment helping someone else improve?

An opportunity presented itself recently, where I heard that my office was posting for the position of Director of Operations.  When I inquired to see what the position entailed, I learned that it really was not what I had in mind.  It was a role in  office management and the business side of operations, such as  computer systems, staffing of administrators and such. Feeling a little disappointed, I came away from the office feeling that I wasn’t really right for the position.

I tried to dismiss my desire to move into the career I had hoped this posting could be.  One where I could pursue my passion of coaching, but marry it with my chosen field and profession.  I couldn’t stop thinking of ways I could help my colleagues by implementing small changes that could benefit their business.  I felt that if we worked very hard on improving our already fabulous office culture and helped to support our agents to see even more success than the Internationally Award winning acclaim we were already receiving, new agents would flock to us.   This would help us  fill more of our fabulously renovated office space and provide opportunity to build our team.  I have been reading a friend, Debra Trappen’s blog about flipping your business.  She had a blog post titled “What If” that had me asking myself just that.

What did I have to lose?  I put together some of my ideas on paper and made a proposal to Susan Tough, my Managing Broker.  She was so supportive, and worked with me and the Horizon owners to overcome a number of hurdles that came along throughout this discussion.  We reached agreement, and this week saw me introducing my new role in management to my peers.  To my delight, there was overwhelming congratulations and excitement coming from my fellow agents!  Darcy  promptly booked a  training session on video for the Nyrose team.  Rudy, Paige, Greg, Ellen, Carole and Cecile gave me suggestions and ideas to build on my list.   This whole experience has reinforced and cemented to me what a terrific company I work with.  The management and ownership at Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty is really invested in supporting and improving our office environment and our sales team.  Our agents embrace new ideas, and are committed to building on the fabulous service we already provide.  I received a facebook message from John Geha, President of Coldwell Banker Canada expressing his excitement that we will be working together in a new capacity (Wow, even support from head office!)

For the the next while, I will still be servicing my clients in real estate sales.  I’m going to use my business to help train new agents to our office.  I am sure my loyal clients will be thrilled at the extra service they receive!

… and I am following my heart, and moving forward in my new position as Director of Business and Career Development!  Please talk to me if you would like to join our team.

My heartfelt thanks to my partner and my families at home and at work that embraced and empowered me this week!


Director of Career Development, Coldwell banker Horizon Realty


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