July 16 Sales Meeting Recap

I attended the AREAA Summit this week (you can look forward to some terrific information about it in the near future, stay tuned!) I missed the sales meeting (boo). Luckily, Kimberly was there with her camera, and captured some video. I have put the “golden nuggets” in this 2 minute video, and have included some of the questions and answers below!

Janet McDonald from Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty was our guest at the last sales meeting. She had some very useful information on EStrata Hub as well as the depreciation reports. Here is a quick recap and video for those who missed it:

When using EStrata Hub, the “E” is an indication the Strata documents were electronically filed. If you would like a cope complete with signatures, please be sure to click the little box when ordering. It will save you having to pay for the documents again if you need them down the road.

Q: Is every Strata Manager on it?
A: It is voluntary, but has been well received. The website is run by an independant company. They make $13.50 from each strata package ordered.

Q: Why do we have to provide a listing contract when we try and obtain documents?
A: According to the Strata Property Act, only authorized parties are permitted to obtain the information. The listing contract provides this authorization. Alternately, a form with signatures would have to be a substitute.

Q: When I order an updated Form “B” down the road, do I have to go through the whole procedure again, or is there a shortcut?
A: Yes, there are no shortcuts.

Q: Should we order a depreciation report when we obtain a listing?
A: It is a good idea. Each owner is entitled to a copy, and one is attached to the Form B if it exists. Both are good ways to obtain it.

Q: When is the second page coming to the Form B (see video)?
A: Some Strata Managers use it voluntarily already. Everyone will have to use it in the New Year.


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