Fresh Face, Bright Ideas

Jolene Iglesias is the new woman on our block.  She had the business savvy and vision to seek out the Nyrose & Associates Team when choosing to move her career from Kamloops to Kelowna.  With a love of Kelowna’s downtown lifestyle, she followed her heart and made the move, which is an indication of her fearless attitude.  I sat down with Jolene in two interviews and was massively impressed with her poise, professionalism and her sharp responses to our questions.   During our training, we did some touring of the area, and Jolene was quick to mention a wealth of information she has already learned doing her own research here.

As it turns out, she comes by it honestly!  Growing up in a home where her Mother owned and operated a real estate brokerage in Chase, BC, she has “the business” in her blood.  She was excited and passionate about her career plans, and she has effortlessly embraced our area, involving herself in our yoga community (she is an instructor, I learned), and eagerly taking part in networking and community events.

A testament to her initiative and ambition, Jolene braved her first “On Location” video right after her training session!

Can you tell that I’m a little excited?  Yes!  I love that our team is growing and that the right agents are choosing to join us.Please welcome Jolene to our team!


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