Pa-tay-to, Pa-ta-to, Addendum, Amendment.

So they are all the same, right?  No, a moot point is not mute, and an amendment is not an addendum!  Confused?  Seems some agents are.  Susan and Darcy had to deal with such agent and brokerage in the last little while, prompting Susan to go review the differences and some things you should know.

It’s Summer time, and it’s business as unusual.  We have a lot of people covering for each other due to the holiday season.  I am  behind in posting recaps, as I have been away at the Asian Real Estate Association Vancouver Summit, then set off to Toronto for training at Coldwell Banker Head Office.  Both trips were very worthy and informative.

Those of you who attended this meeting learned a little of the good stuff I took from the AREAA Summit.   My hat goes off to our very own Jane Hoffman who sat on an expert panel on the luxury market.  She really did Kelowna proud, painting a fantastic picture of our lifestyle, International Airport and University for the Asian Investor.  Coldwell Banker Canada’s President, John Geha did several informative presentations and panels regarding market trends.  I was really proud of how he stacked up amongst the experts representing other major brands.  The Conference was well represented by Gen Blue, as AREAA Vancouver’s President is CB Agent, Tina Mak.  Greg Dusik, Bill Raine, Kristy Huber, Jane Hoffman and myself all took away terrific advice on this market and the opportunities we have to service it.  By becoming members, we are able to connect with many referral opportunities.  As demonstrated in this weeks video, Bill has already picked up several Buyers!

What’s Happening in the Market?
This will be a new feature in our Sales Meeting.  We will share talking points you can pull out in conversation when asked how the market is doing.  Please feel free to share your take on things with me so that we can all be better informed.

In other news:

  • Deb is still off recuperating from her back surgery.  You may have noticed the familiar face of Lynn Smilie around the office.  She is pinch-hitting at the moment and helping Elizabeth with the conveyancing.
  • June is back from Holidays, (PHEW!)  Paulette did a bang up job in her absence, and everybody pitched in to help.
  • You might have noticed a new face around the office.  Tim Banman has joined Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty from 25 years in telecom.  I’ll be posting a formal introduction soon.  For now, we are too busy working on Tim’s new listing to do a video (Yay!)
  • Susan is looking for people to appear as guest bloggers on “Across the Tough Desk”.  Please share if you have written a great, informative article, or if  you have a real estate question you would like to address

Lastly, those of you who were in town were able to enjoy our Summer Beach Party.  We enjoyed a build your own taco bar catered by Chronic Taco, listened to live band My Kind of Karma, got sticky around the S’mores Bar, and even tried Stand Up Paddle Boarding (Wanda was a natural!) Overwhelming thanks go out to Ian and Julie Watson for letting us crash their beach, and to Kimberly who worked very hard to make it all happen.  Thanks also to Brenda Dilley at Mortgage Alliance for the grown up pinatas and jello (big wink!)


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