What Can You Achieve in 8 Weeks?

I am moved by how powerful positive actions can be in the transformation of attitude, life, home and business.  When I am at a low point, I often have to force myself to implement positive action, and don’t know why I am surprised when these result in positive change!  Applying this to our real estate world, I come back to our listing shortage in the Central Okanagan (something that requires positive change) as well as the overall morale of some of the agents I talk to (who also need positive change).  Brainstorming with Susan pulling from some of the training resources at Coldwell Banker head office, we are opting to offer an exciting new opportunity to our agents!


The 8 Weeks to Listing Mastery Action Group!  This 8 week program will include training from  “8 Weeks to Listing Mastery with Zan Munroe”.  Some of the topics we will cover are:

  • Your Database
  • Creating Value
  • Pre-Listing Interview
  • Listing Presentation
  • Market Research
  • Pre-Listing Package
  • Calculating Market Trends
  • Calculating Odds of Selling
  • Positioning for a 30 Day Sale
  • Advertising vs. Marketing
  • 5 things Buyers look for
  • …and more!

Agent peer mentorship can be so valuable in growing your business!

In addition to the course material, there will be three other valuable components; accountability, peer support and incentive.  Zan projects that every agent can see 4 more listings as a result of completing the course and implementing the systems we will learn.  What will your goal be?  Over the 8 week period, we will share our ideas, successes and challenges.  We will brainstorm solutions, role-play and encourage each other to success.  Participants will be accountable to themselves with tracking sheets, and accountable to the group each week as well!  Prizes and incentives will help us along, and the ultimate reward will be a bolstered listing inventory of salable, accurately prices homes!

What is the cost of this program, you might ask?  We are pleased to announce that this is part of the Realtor® “value added” and the support our management is providing to you!  The one thing we ask is that you attend all 8 sessions and do the tasks assigned during the week designed to improve your business.  There are no tricks here, just good solid business practices.  Agents who attend the sessions and required positive action tasks will be given priority in future training and value added opportunities.  Agents who sign up and do not fulfill their commitment risk getting wait-listed on future training events.

We already have two groups full, and I can’t wait to monitor and encourage the success of the participants!  The program was so well received at last week’s Westside meeting that we are having to launch a third group!  We will be starting September 9th!  Please see me for more information or email me at jennifer@kelownarealestate.com.



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