What’s Happening?

The real estate market is not waiting for you while you are on holidays.  Our floor calls are pouring in, and BCREA has released that we have seen the biggest provincial growth in sales since 2007, 18% over July of last year!

In the meeting, Tiffany, Cathy and Trish all received special mention for their terrific job posting photos of last weeks tour on Facebook and Instagram.  They all received prize packs full of Coldwell Banker presentation folders, Ultimate Service® Brochures and Note Cards.

I did a presentation on Google, Mobile and Google Trends.  Did you know that you can see what your clients are searching for online?  Will you be there to be found?

Lastly, we went on a short, but sweet tour (see the video).  I was lucky to be in a car with Barret, Roma and Karen Mustard.  We had the best discussion about demonstrating our value to home Sellers and competing against other business models for business.  I have to tell you that our conversation was the golden nugget of the tour.  We were able to really brainstorm some great ideas, and some thoughts were suggested that were top-notch!  Nothing beats the school of real experience and the collaboration of colleagues.  To those of you who do not regularly attend tour, I hope I’m filling you in on what you might be missing.

Please send me your ideas of “what’s happening in the market” before the next office meeting.  I’d really like to share some of your suggestions!





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