I Swear I’d Lose My Head if I Didn’t Have a Tile Stuck to it!

I have had many a crazy morning making lunches and putting on make-up, only to have that sinking feeling in my stomach just before running out the door to face the Mission crawl.  The feeling comes from not knowing where your SentriCard is and knowing that you have to get going, or you’ll be late.  We are busy agents, with a lot on the go and there are plenty of opportunities to set down a house key, car key, cell phone or purse and forget where it is.  I’ve often wished that my keys could call out to me from the bottom of my really cute over-sized bag and let me know where they are!  Well, now they can!

Tile is a combination of a smart phone app and small self-contained waterproof tags that work together to find lost items.  In addition, if this becomes widely used, there is a secondary use that will allow you to track down stolen goods or those innocently walking away (think keys that were not returned from a showing).  I just pre ordered four Tiles and it cost me just under $70 (You pay and extra shipping charge to Canada).  You attach the small tiles to your items using the loop-hole or the included double-sided adhesive.  When you loose an item, you use your smartphone (or log into Tile using a friend’s phone) and the technology leads you to your item using a basic “you’re getting closer” indicator.  In addition, the tile itself emits a sound so that you may find the item more easily.  The internal battery in the tile lasts about 1 year and it can’t be replaced.  I see that as being the one complaint people might have, but I think $15 is a small price to pay to save myself the agony of a misplaced item.

In the event that you have a tiled item stolen (for example, a bicycle), you mark it as such in the app.  If that item comes within range of another smart phone with the app, you will be pinged with the items location.  The effectiveness of this use of a Tile will really depend on how these little plastic chips catch on!  In addition, if you know the location of a stolen item, you may need the bodyguard app to help you retrieve it!  You can pre-order your Tiles  and they are expected to be shipped this winter.  I’d be curious to hear your ideas of how tile can be applied to Real Estate!  Feel free to leave your thoughts below.


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