We Believe!

Coldwell Banker® has one of the best ads on tv.  It emotionally connects with the true value of a home, by showing friends celebrating, kids baking and jumping on the bed, and many of the other moments we enjoy in our home.  Sometimes agents get caught up in the numbers and “the market” dictating value in a home, and this commercial reminds us that regardless of numbers, the real value is in the memories and moments we create.

The newest addition to this campaign is the Coldwell Banker International Film Festival.

From September 9-27 the festival will showcase films on the value of home from around the world!  Brazil, Mexico, India, South Africa, China, Portugal, US and the United Arab Emirates will all be showcased.  An avid film fan myself, I am so excited to showcase these films in our new client lounge at the Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty Harvey office for the duration of the festival.  The daily premier will happen at noon, with popcorn and the works!  Come by to see some creative and moving cinema of what home looks  like around the world.

Watching the commercial and the film festival teaser, I was prompted to think about what home looks like in Kelowna.  I thought first of the clients I have settled here over the past year, but quickly moved to thoughts about the staff here at our office.  I have watched as so many of my colleagues and friends have experienced many of life’s moments.  In the last while on Facebook alone, I have looked at photos of Darcy’s kids on the first day at school, seen the excitement as Jaime and Leon build their home, and watched with anticipation as Christian and Julie got engaged and are preparing for a life together!  Gillian’s baby Matteo is walking now, and she and Garth just purchased a lot near an elementary school, and Ellen and Carla just finished building their dream home.  Roma and Susan and Al have beautiful grand kids, and I see the pride in their expressions every time I ask about them.  Why can’t we capture these moments and make our own “We Believe” video showing what life looks like in our own homes?

All agents and staff a Coldwell Banker Horizon are invited to participate!  We are looking for your home video clips to add to our Coldwell Banker movie.  Share bits of your family and the value of your home.  Ideas could include celebrations, dinners, gatherings with friends, your garden, hobbies you enjoy at home, and moments with your family.  You can submit as many clips as you would like, and short clips are preferred.  I will edit and write a voice-over for a  Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty video, which will be available on YouTube, showcased on our website and available for all of the agents in our office to share with their clients in a special Thanksgiving e-card.  Of course, there will be a draw for all who participate.  Every video submitted will receive one entry, and every video used in the final product will receive two entries into a draw to receive a $200 credit on your copy bill at the office.  Please submit videos to me at jennifer@kelownarealestate.com by September 25th.  Good luck, and… Action!


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