Open House Weekend (Did you Win?)

Please watch this video if you would like to hear who won the prizes!  All agents participating this weekend qualified.

So… in the next few days you will be hearing a LOT about this Open House Weekend!  In true Horizon Realty form, we are hosting 50, yes FIFTY Open Houses this weekend.  This takes a lot of planning (I think Kimberly will need a serious bubble bath after all of this!)

This is what’s been happening behind the scenes:

The full-page ad is just being finalized and will run in the Real Estate Weekly.  It features maps, times and lists of the properties hosted.

All of the Open Houses have been loaded into Lonewolf, and are set to show up in Matrix,,, and are getting loaded onto

The radio ads are hitting the waves tomorrow, and there is a special version for Saturday and Sunday.

Kym Tarr from Prep this House made a special visit to our office meeting with some great tips on setting up the home for an Open House.  A .pdf document will be emailed to you in the morning.  Wouldn’t it be terrific if you did a pre-visit with your Open House clients (especially if you are hosting for another agent.)  You can view the home, share Kym’s suggestions, and maybe even drop off a coffee card so that they can go relax while you are running the Open House this weekend?  Why not preview a few comparables while you are at it.  Remember, prospective clients could be out looking to Buy, but others could be looking for their next Listing Agent.  Be prepared!

I did a presentation on doing an Open House at today’s meeting.  I got my inspiration and tips from David Knox and his two-part series in Blue View.  Simply log into CB Works, click on Coldwell Banker University, then access the Blue View Learning Portal to find David’s 2 videos.  They are worth the 40 minutes total!

Brenda Dilley has treat bags ready for the weekend, and can print you custom mortgage rate sheets.  Contact her before the end of Wednesday to have your custom sheets printed and added to your package.

“My package?”  You say?  Why yes, we will have a package available for all hosts to pick up Friday by noon.  It will include:

  • A lovely note card and an Annegrett’s custom chocolate for you to leave the home-owner as thanks with your recap note telling them how the Open House went.  It will also include maps to bring with you.
  • Open House Maps which will feature a place to initial which Open Houses were attended.  Please collect these sheets or advise clients to drop them off at any Horizon Realty location.  Each visit gets them an entry into a prize draw for home staging, a home inspection, gift basket and more!
  • “Feature” tent cards that you can place around the home to highlight key features in the home.  You might write “granite countertop” on one or “geothermal heating and cooling” on another.
  • Helium Balloons which you can tie to your signs.
  • Brochures from our sponsors

Some nice touches:

  • We have really cute kids packs for purchase that include a coloring sheet and crayons with a picture of Garfield in front of a Coldwell Banker listing.
  • We have “Thank You” cards available, and there is an e-card in works that you can send to thank people for visiting your Open House.
  • Please lock up and turn off all of the lights, leaving your thank you note and chocolate for the home owner.

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