Setting the Stage for your Open House

Kym Tarr from Prep This House dropped by our Sales Meeting this week to give us some tips and pointers heading into Open House Weekend.  I have a brochure from Kym available for all of the hosts (see me if  you need one).  We suggest you drop by today or tomorrow and pay a little visit to your Seller and give them some pointers.

If you put yourself in a Seller’s shoes, preparing for an Open House (especially one with such widespread publicity as this one) can be unnerving.  Why not remove the stress, by addressing a few issues:

  • Security: make sure your Seller puts away important papers and bills, and other valuables.  Let them know the house will be supervised, but people will be milling through.
  • Tips on Staging from Kym’s sheet or this video.
  • Some ideas of the timeline and how the day will run.
  • Let them know you will follow-up with feedback
  • This might be a nice time to drop off flowers.

Chances are, your Seller is investing just as much or more time on this Open House weekend as you are!  Make sure you address all of their needs!

Thanks Kym for sharing, and also generously donating a home staging consultation as one of the prizes this weekend!


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