Coldwell Banker can Conference!


Tom Selleck. Heard of him?

I just got back from Coldwell Banker’s Gen Blue conference.  When conjuring images of real estate conferences, I think big hair, greasy trainers with sales scripts, people circulating gimmicky “networking” pens, note pads and the latest trinkets emblazoned with their name and logo, professing them to be “Number One” in their market.

Not this conference.

Picture traveling to the Big Apple, the most exciting city in the world.  No there are no seats set up in a lecture hall with stale coffee in the corner, there is a series of Broadway Stages featuring speakers who are on the edge of what’s effective in marketing, time management, social and talent recruiting.  I mean, Coldwell Banker didn’t just hire “speaker” to teach us video, they brought Matt Singer, creator of Videolicious to teach us his app that revolutionized video marketing for real estate.   Then, they took it a step further and  made it accessible to all Coldwell Banker agents by offering a Pro version FOR FREE , complete with licensed music and animated Coldwell Banker Bumper!  We learned from Zan Munroe on absorption rate pricing, a topic that is so relevant and real to those of us in the field!  Did Zan try to sell us his “system” at the end of his talk?  No, Coldwell Banker offered it to us FOR FREE.  You can find it in CB Works in Coldwell Banker University’s Blue View portal.  Not only that, Zan personally handed Susan a complimentary copy of his systems on a CD.  I was very impressed that many of the presenters offered links to their slides and shared information  freely.  As a trainer and recruiter in my office, I am so excited that I have Stephanie Hahn’s slides for the #Hashtag class.   Now I can share with those not fortunate to have scored one of the sold out tickets!

Learning aside, I have to talk about the conference marketing.  Do I ever feel like I have marketing expertise behind me when they package a conference in such a cool way!  From the mock Broadway show posters, red-carpet worthy photo backdrops, very cool “CBGB” style vintage looking t-shirts sported by the Social Squad (I still want one), to the incredible app that allowed you to map the events, to the speaker and agenda features that let you stay on top of your schedule.  The look and feel of the conference was slick!


A shot with Coldwell Banker Superstar (and Vice President of Brand Engagement) David Marine.


Questlove from the Roots.

I’m not sure, as well if shouting “I love you Questlove” at a conference is inappropriate, but it got me a drumstick!

Yup, that’s me. Agent rockstar!


Posing with Budge Huskey and Questlove’s stick!

And I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the most exciting closing night ever.  We literally had “A Night at the Museum” as we danced to DJ Mary Mac, and enjoyed incredible food and drinks at the American Museum of Natural History.  We literally had the run of the place, dancing in the great hall, and enjoying quieter networking in the dinosaur hall and planetarium.  It was really a classy event, and it felt so special enjoying one of the most incredible museums in the world this way, with old and new friends from all over.  I am so grateful to be a part of such an exciting, innovative family at Coldwell Banker!


Jeff and I enjoying a night at the museum. Is there something behind us?

I can’t wait to hear what the minds at head office are planning for us next.  I guess I’ll have to busy myself with following Coldwell Banker’s lead and sharing everything I learned here in Kelowna!


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