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If you missed this morning’s meeting, do not fear!  You missed some golden nuggets, but here are some important reminders to keep you in the loop:

Head Shots

Susan’s got a photographer coming in house for new head shots.  If you’ve changed (or lost) your hair color, or are currently rocking a 1990’s version of what you think is a better looking you, please see Susan about jumping on the head shot train, and booking in!  Somebody mentioned that their photo was part of their branding, and that a change might result in them losing business.  On the ride back to the office I pondered this, and these are some of the points I pondered:

Since joining us, Darcy, Jaime, Jane, Paige and many others have updated their photos ever year or two.  These continue to be the top agents in our office.  Clearly this interruption in their branded image has not resulted in a decrease in business.  When I think about the main reason I went back to a photo card, it was as a result in the networking I do.  When I attend Coldwell Banker conference, in addition to the learning and excitement, I meet sometimes hundreds of people.  Coming back to Kelowna, and building my referral database, I often make the connection with the agent from their photo, and inputting them helps me remember their name.  I have had the problem where I have come back home and racked my brain trying to remember who this frosty-tipped glamour shot agent might be, but remember without hesitation the agents I met who had good accurate photos on their card.

Hospital Tour

Don’t forget today’s hospital tour at 4:00.  It is a great opportunity for you to learn about one of the huge draws in our area, the new and improved Kelowna General Hospital!

Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty Awards Event

April 2nd is our awards evening.  We’ll be starting the evening off with a cocktail at our office in the Delta Grand (4-5pm).  We’ll move across the street to the Kelowna Art Gallery for an elegant evening of celebration featuring appetizers and wine, and speeches from special guests Andy Puthon, President of Coldwell Banker Canada, and Robert Fine, Economic Development Officer for the Central Okanagan.  Think the night is over?  No way!  For those of us wanting to extend our celebration, we will be heading off to dinner at La Bussola, where chef Lauretta has designed a special 3 course dinner.  Please sign up at the front desk.  Spouses are invited to join us for dinner.  Price of the 3 course special menu is $40.00, and the regular menu will also be available.

Westbank Chamber After Hours

We will be hosting the West Kelowna Chamber after hours on April 10.  Please plan on attending, and contact Kimberly if you would like to volunteer.


We have a survey that went out this week.  Please give us feedback on tour and office meeting.  If you complete before next meeting you will qualify for a draw for Wanda’s administrative services!

Legal Reminder

Susan had lunch with Jennifer Clee during Legal Update last week.  Jennifer said that if she could give one piece of advice to every REALTOR®, it would be not to rely on the Listing agent’s information, and perform your own due diligence!  You have the duty to discover.

Also, just another reminder:  If you are selling land with a mobile, you have to be careful if there are plans to move it.  Your Buyer will not get a transfer permit if it is de-registered.

Listing Course

Congrats to all who completed the listing course last month!  It was a huge success, as participants who hung in there for all 4 sessions came away with a killer pre-listing package (no, not the cello wrapped fluffy bag of snacks type that are distributed by the type of agent that leaves you with a pumpkin at Halloween rather than good real estate advice).  If you haven’t participated and seen what the likes of Gillian, Tiffany, Bill and Melissa put together, you’re actually kind of lucky (they were a little intimidating in their awesome-ness!)  I think we can all agree that the professionalism and polish and the information contained in these packages was second to none!  The group also customized an incredible listing presentation, pre-listing interview and came away with golden information on absorption rate pricing and positioning your listings to sell.

All four weeks, we charted success in completing assignments, getting listings and writing contracts, and I am very pleased to announce it was a close race!  Congrats to everyone who completed the course, and to Bill Raine for scoring off the chart.  Bill won 2 valuable hours of Wanda’s time to help him manage how busy he’s gotten as a result of shaking it in the Listing Workshop!

Depreciation Reports

This Thursday at 1:00pm, I have a huge list of participants signed up for the Depreciation Report Workshop with special guest, Lance Lum from Genworth Financial.  We will be reviewing a real-life depreciation report from the perspective of the mortgage insurer.  This is another great tool for the box, and judging from how many people have called or texted me with interest, you should come very early to get your seat.  I suspect we will have some people standing at the back, sorry, but I just couldn’t say we were full.

Gary’s Wake

Thursday between 5:30 and 7:30 please join us at 19 Restaurant on the Westside to remember Gary August.  This will be an informal gathering of our office and colleagues.  Please bring stories to remember him with as we toast a wonderful man!


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