Why Meetings Count


This s a photo of Cathy’s recent “Thank You” gift from her clients.  I thought it was moving to see her receive it, and witness the emotion she felt in that moment.  Cathy is one agent I see at the Tuesday morning sales meeting weekly.  I also see other very productive agents all of the time:  The Watsons, Roma Niessen, Nyrose & Associates, Leigh Bjornson, Greg Dusik, Walt Reglin, Bob Dirks, Trish Cenci, Jaime Briggs… the list goes on.  Some people choose not to make the weekly meeting a part of their routine.  I often hear people say:  “I have an appointment”.  Here are the reasons I think Tuesday Meeting should be made as a weekly  appointment entry for EVERY agent’s calendar at Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty.


A Few of the Reasons YOU should be at Coldwell Banker Horizon Sales Meetings.

1.  Education:  Today, we learned about your obligations regarding the new FINTRAC forms.  What do you do with repeat Buyers, or Buyers who refuse to be ID’d?  As a working professional, do you keep current on the legal changes?  Do you pour over Council newsletters, emails and websites?    Of course not!  Because legal changes happen fluidly in our business, we stay on top of it for you!  Susan present these changes at each meeting, and uses meeting as a conduit to deliver this information to you.  If you haven’t been to a meeting in months, chances are you are very behind on your legal obligations to your Buyers and Sellers!  Also, Susan takes attendance.   I wouldn’t want to miss the delivery of the information and get into hot water because you are ignorant of the issues.

2.  New Listings and Buyer Needs: Did you know that we double-ended 42% of our listings last year?  A huge part of our success selling in-house listings is the fact that  we connect  Buyers  to new listings in office meeting.  Tour familiarizes us  with new listings, making them easier to fit them to our Buyers.  With the listing agent on-hand at tour, you can also ask questions, get information, and better service your Buyers with knowledge of the inventory!

3.  Know the Inventory:  The market is changing (especially in the past few months).  What has this done to property values?  Seeing the inventory on tour helps us keep up with market price fluctuations.

4.  Strengthen Your Marketing Plan:  Video, photography and virtual tours do not represent a property like being there.  Showing your prospective Seller that you will have the top professionals in the industry tour their property gives your marketing presentation some serious weight!  When competing for a listing, this can give you a leg up, especially if you are dealing with an office with no meeting and tour, or one who opts for shortcuts such as in-office slide shows of listings.

5. Learn from your Colleagues:  Along with the laughter an camaraderie that comes from driving around with some of my favourite people, I pick up on useful tools, tips and information!  There is nothing like learning the area’s history, picking up information on upcoming developments, or throwing out a problem, only to have your colleagues brainstorm a solution.  These, along with the workroom tidbits I have picked up, have been the golden gems in my career.

6.  Be in the Know:  Want to keep updated on the latest networking event like the Chamber of Commerce or the Urban Development Institute?  How about the latest fundraiser coordinated by our office, helping to create opportunities to connect you with the community you live in and give back?  Want to learn the upcoming education workshops?  We cover all of these at the office meeting!

7. Get Excited:  Especially if you are a work-from-home agent, motivation can be a challenge at times.  As self-employed individuals, the sparkling boat, clubs in the trunk, or just the jammies can be more appealing than prospecting for leads.  We can’t all be driven all the time, so for those of us who need a boost after that deal gone bad, or those who need a little “spark” of motivation, Tuesday Sales Meeting could be just that.  Hearing about an app that can help your business, or maybe a little tip from our Mortgage Department that my trigger a little inspiration is definitely worth the price of admission.  Need to breathe some inspiration into your business?  Be around people!  Make meeting, tour and an open house  part of your weekly routine.

8. Take Control of Your Career:  I’ve often heard agents say that “something came up” preventing them from attending the meeting.  Learning to block your time and work ON your business rather than just IN it will empower you greatly.  Setting a routine, and sticking to it gives you control.  Working on your business every day will help balance those peaks and valleys of business and the drought.  Scheduling time for meeting, tour and prospecting will help you control your business, and helps provide that steady income all the time!

9.  Supporting Your Colleagues:  We have a very supportive office environment!  Coming on tour supports your colleagues who are using this marketing and listing exposure tool.  Don’t be one of those agents who comes only when they have a property to display.  Show some support for tour, and not only does our office image elevate, but you are more likely to have that caravan of stuffed cars show up in front of your next “cream puff”.

10. Better Represent Your Buyers and Sellers:  With all of the above reasons, wouldn’t it stand to reason that the agents who attend the sales meetings regularly to get up to date on legal changes, education and marketing advancements have a better foundation and knowledge than those who don’t?  Wouldn’t you think that the agent who comes to hear of new listings before they hit the market represent their Buyer’s needs better than the one still in bed?  What about on the list side?  Do you think the agent who markets their listing to its full potential using the powerful tool of of TOUR and talks up the features to his or her peers have a more robust marketing plan than the agent that just “puts it up” on Matrix?  It is an absolute fact that regular Meeting and Tour attendance makes you a better REALTOR®.





2 responses to “Why Meetings Count

  1. Thanks Jennifer for all the hard work that you and Susan put in to our sales meetings.I know I learnt something about FINTRAC!!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Trish! You are definitely someone we can depend on to attend meetings:)

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