Sales Meeting Recap, June 3


MLS®10082920 The Watson Brothers have a funky house in Quail with a very unique layout, including a palatial Master with a private deck! I could sit here and enjoy my morning java:)

Today’s Sales meeting saw another packed house at Bunch’s Bistro.  I can’t stress the importance of the sharing time, where we learn of new listings and share our Buyer’s needs.  In addition, there were some great reminders:


Allegro Mews has great views! Mike Fredrikson has a home with great views that would shine with a paint roller and some vision. Good thing it’s a great price! MLS®10082161


AREAA Conference: Connect:  Real Estate Technology and the Luxury Market

Tuesday June 17, Fairmont Pacific Rim, Vancouver.  Cost: $49.00 members, $99 non-members.


Trish and Tanis have an updated townhome for sale. We could see the golfers enjoying the sunshine from the stunning deck! MLS®10080531

Contract Writing:
Susan covered some important points regarding writing enforceable contacts, and the pitfalls and differences between objective clauses and whim and fancy clauses.  Here are a few reminders:

1.  Do not take shortcuts.  Use the clauses as written in your professional standards manual.  Omissions of simple words can change the whole meaning of a clause!

2.  An improperly drafted subject condition may actually result in the contract being construed as “merely a standing offer” with no enforceability.  It is very important to draft clear and binding contract terms.  This is especially important, as Trish pointed out in meeting, in an elevating market so that a Seller doesn’t have an “out” if a better offer comes in!

3.  Be careful when including entirely subjective clauses, or one which depends entirely on the subjective state of mind of the purchaser.  An example is “subject to the purchaser obtaining satisfactory financing.”  Some cases have held that such a clause does not create a binding agreement.  Licensees should be aware of the risk that a purely subjective condition may result in the entire contract being deemed unenforceable.

4.  The “acceptance irrevocable” clause is a safety net, that mitigates risk that a subject clause that is too subjective will result in an unenforceable contract, but it is not a catch all.

Need more information?  A great article was in May 2014’s E&O Risk Report.


Charlene’s listing on Edgehill allows pets… even two large dogs! You can walk to NGE! MLS®10079969

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

Effective July 1, 2014, Canada’s Anti-Spam legislation will be effective.  This new legislation will particularly apply to agents who participate in email marketing with newsletters, just listed’s, open house campaigns and more.  In a nut shell?  You have to have people’s express permission to receive these items (Commercial Electronic Messages) to be able to send them.  This does not include working with clients online by emailing them documents, etc…   READ UP ON THIS BY CLICKING HERE!


Look at the view from Jaime’s listing on Glen Pine Court. It shows so well! MLS®10083002


On Denali is where you will find this breakfast/wine bar. MLS®10082448


This home needed two photos… I think the comment I heard was: “This home has everything!” A second photo of Mike Fredrickson’s listing MLS® 10082448

As you can see, my Instagram account was working overtime on tour!  I was pleased to see the likes rolling in, and I was thrilled to see a friend mention that we were touring her neighborhood!  Good agents go on tour… pass it on 😉


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