Sales Meeting Recap, September 23

If you were stuck serving muffins as class Mom this morning, and were unable to attend the ever exciting Westside meeting and tour, here’s what you missed:

We Rock!
In a letter from Budge Huskey, President and CEO of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC, our office standings in NORTH AMERICA year to date are at the top again! We are number 2 in NORTH AMERICA for gross commission and number 5 for total units.

Good News!
I got the honour of browsing through a mountain of Ultimate Service® surveys this week, and must say I got a little misty. What a blast reviewing all of the wonderful things people had to say about YOU!!! Here are some highlights:

“Sherry Truman displays a passion and a gift for both people and her profession. We likely posed one of her greatest challenges with such a broad spectrum of styles and price ranges. She delivered above and beyond, and displayed superior knowledge of the market prices and our needs on such a limited time schedule. She is an asset to your team (Jane Hoffman) and profession!”

“Bill Raine is a keeper. His service went far and beyond just a real estate salesman. He was very helpful in arranging other services.”

“Greg Dusik is the best, most knowledgable REALTOR® we have ever dealt with. His assistance and integrity is second to none!”

“It’s unfortunate that our past experiences buying and selling weren’t as pleasant. Pat Klassen truly listened to what we wanted and did an amazing job pointing us in the right direction.”

“Murray Neuman is the best! Kept me informed at all times. They don’t get any better!!! First class!!”

“I am a senior citizen, new to buying real estate- Walt Reglin was exceptionally patient, helpful, supportive and cooperative – beyond the norm!!! An asset to your firm!!!”

“Ellen (Churchill) went above and beyond to help us meet our objective. She earned every penny on this one. She’s an asset to Coldwell Banker.”

“Of the 3 different real estate companies I interviewed for selling my house, Mr. Darryl Dyck was my choice. He took the time to explain and answer my questions, and was a real gentleman!”

“Melissa (McAfee) was very professional, and her kind encouragement made our sale and the purchase of a different home an almost stressless endeavour.”

“Cathy (Cherka) sold our home and then worked with us for 7 months to find our next home. She is top notch! Promptly replies to all emails and phone calls – crazy hours – great attention to detail – just amazing service! We are so happy with our new home!”

“Tanis (Read) Rocked. We are so happy we got her, would use her again, and already recommended her to friends!”

“Christian (Kirschke) is a friend, but we would use him as a REALTOR® in any case. He’s very professional, knowledgable, friendly & fun!”

I am getting writers cramp! I want to write pages of these accolades!!! Ultimate Service® is truly the measurement that matters. These people who have received such great care, sensitivity, patience, and all of the extras that we put into them every day just jump off the page. I am so proud of the people I work with here at Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty!

Are you new(er) to our Coldwell Banker family? I’ll be running training this Thursday, September 25th at 11:00 at Harvey Avenue. We’ll be covering contracts, our fintrac policy, the procedures manual, social media, CBWorks, Videolicious and more! The office is buying lunch, too! If you plan on attending, please let me know so that I can make sure we have enough food and hand-outs.

PDP Courses
There are new PDP courses launching soon from the BC Real Estate Association. One in particular, Customer Service Excellence and the REALTOR® Brand, caught my eye. It is going to be exclusively offered online. Also, the post-licensing course is changing and will include a “practicum” type component… I like it!

“We’re Getting Divorced”
Are you planning on selling the home a a couple getting divorced? We had a lengthy conversation about the fiduciary duty you have to your clients, and some of the challenges of assisting your clients in this very turbulent and difficult time. Here are some of the reminders:

Three situations could happen in a divorce sale:

1. The spouses could be represented by a single licence.
2. Two agents from different brokerages can work together to sell the property.
3. Two agents from the same brokerage could work together to sell the property.

When the client is comprised of more than one individual, the designated agent(s) owe fiduciary duties to all those who make up the client. If the spouses do not want information shared, or want their own agent providing only them with advice, it needs to be dealt with in a service agreement, such as the listing contract. One way to put it is that “Dick is the designated agent only for the husband, and Jane is the designated agent only for the wife”.

In an article in June’s “Report from Council”, they suggest that it is agreed on in advance who will be giving instructions to the agent or agents. Under the BC Family Law Act, any property owned by one or both spouses (now including common law spouses who have lived in a marriage-like relationship for at least two years) will be considered to be family property, subject to equal division between the spouses. Even if one spouse is not on title but lives in the matrimonial home, that spouse must be part of all decisions pertaining to the sale of the home.

Given the uncertainty and volatility that can surround a divorce sale, a licensee may wish to consider the following:

-A good question to ask in your pre-listing interview is whether the home is being put on the market as the result of a divorce.
-The level of cooperation between the spouses could change at any time, and could impact showings, open houses and negotiations.
– See that both parties have legal representation they can consult with on an ongoing basis if necessary.
– Is there a separation agreement? If so, how does it deal with the sale of the home?
– Are there any court orders dealing with the conduct of sale or is court approval of the sale required?
– Do the spouses need financial advice?
– Is the brokerage being mindful of the risk of disclosure of confidential information? As always, agents have to take special care to document conversations, keep good notes and keep all correspondence.

Hope you found that this recap was helpful. As always, we take special care in trying to delves solid information at every Tuesday meeting. Look for the next one on September 30th at Deli City!


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