The Value of a Home to a Kid

Today is “take Your Child to Work Day” for grade 9’s in our school district.  I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Jenna all day today, and am I impressed with her poise, and business sense!  She was tasked with writing a guest blog, and here it is:



You could say ‘home is where the heart is’. But to me, home is where food is cooking and snacks are in the cupboard. Home is where beds are warm and laundry’s fresh. Home is where the dog is barking and the TV’s loud.

Kids value a home more than parents may think. Sure, there are thousands of dishes to do, a basket full of mismatched socks and clothes scattered all over the kid’s bedroom, but kids, we like to look past that. The pile of dishes is worth it because of the cookies that were made the night before. The other missing socks are to be found in the backyard under the trampoline or near the swing-set. The pieces of clothing scattered everywhere are from playing dress-up that afternoon with the neighbor.

Kids value the kitchen because kids value food. When Mom’s in the kitchen 2-4 times a day cooking a meal or a big snack while we’re playing outside, we’re thankful for 2 things; 1. Mom (for cooking it) and 2. the kitchen–for allowing mom to cook. Everyone, (not just kids) adores the smell of freshly cooked or baked food. Personally, nothing motivates me to get my homework done more than the glorious smell of the finishing touches on dinner being wafted through the house.1xuzfhb6ehx3e_coldwell_3840x2160_1611-web

Another thing kids value in a home, is a yard! It may not technically be ‘in’ the house but it’s definitely used a lot and is still on the property. Why do kid’s love a yard so much? The obvious answer is, for playing! For imagining, for creating, for wondering, for whatever they do! A huge part of my childhood was playing “house” or “pretend” in mine or my cousin’  s backyard. A yard can be great to keep your kids healthy in 2 ways; 1. is obviously for running around, playing with the dog, jumping on the trampoline, etc. 2. is a garden! Me and my brother grew up with a garden and now we like vegetables we never thought we would like! If we were ever hungry and asking mom when dinner would be ready, she would simply tell us to go pick some veggies from the garden. Whats wrong with filling up on nutritional organic vegetables?


Lastly, something a kid values in a home is.. a bedroom! Kids sometimes need that alone time and I’m sure parents can agree. Whether it’s for listening to music, watching TV, hanging out with friends, or just needing that downtime–your child needs and loves their bedroom! Coming from a teenager who’s had some pretty cool bedrooms, I personally feel so comfortable and truly “at home” in my bedroom. Kids love it and actually anyone any age loves it. I mean who wouldn’t love you’re own space, full of stuff you love and things that make you happy. Nothing was more comfortable than curling up in my own bed at night breathing in the most fresh, clean smells on my pillows and blankets.

If you’re looking for a quality family home, down to the small things that kids value, I recommend these 3 things (a big kitchen, a beautiful, fun yard, and a welcoming, comfortable bedroom). Even if it gets a little messy, a messy house is a happy house.

– Jenna Odorizzi (14)


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