Class Announcement! The Art of the Offer Presentation

Over the last little while we have seen so many live actual examples of why agents should present their own offers.  Just over the past week alone, if Susan or I dealt with multiples, the real live agent who was there so present their offer, got theirs accepted.  Every one.  The agent who scans, or heaven forbid faxes in their offer loses.

Example B:  A newer agent to our team came to me frustrated because she had emailed in her offer and was getting no response from the listing agent.  Frustrated at a lack of response, she learned quickly why setting a time to present her offer would have been the best route to take in representing her Buyer’s interests.

Of course there are times where geography, illness or other challenges get in the way.  What could be some best practices to consider in this situation?

This leads me to announce an improved re-boot of our old Class:  “Presenting Offers, A Lost Art”.  Join me Wednesday June 10, 2015 at 1:00pm to learn:

  • Strategies to best represent Buyers and Sellers in the offer presentation.
  • Tips to get best “bang for your offer” if you absolutely can’t meet face to face.
  • What preparation should you ABSOLUTELY be doing, every time?
  • Effective communication and negotiation.
  • Special Role Play, so we can practice!

You really do not want to miss this class!  Please sign up HERE!


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