New Courses for Summer!

The sun is hot, and what better way to stay cool than inside a very interesting workshop?  We built the new class schedule based on need:

  • We have several new agents, and many who have said that “doing video” was in their plan.  In this class, we will go “On Location” for a field trip to shoot some brand new agent profile an neighbourhood videos.
  • Assignments are rearing their ugly heads in our market now.  Have you done any recently?  In this class we will cover how to do them, and what your obligations are if you are in dual agency.
  • Many agents have been saying that deals are happening quickly, but that they are falling apart just as quickly.  Want some tips on how you can proactively increase the likelihood your offers will stay together?  What about when you are acting on the list side?

Video Class:  June 24, 2:00 pm. Register Now.

Assignments: July 8, 2:00 pm.  Register Here.

Proactively Keeping Your Offers Together July 22, 2:00 pm.  Sign Up Today!


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