Ladies Night!


Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty successfully sponsored Ladies Night at Black Mountain  Golf Course last Wednesday.  Being a newer golfer, i was a little intimidated by all of the powerful women out there, but I was soon to find out the “fun” was the operative word of the evening!  We headed out in carts adorned with Coldwell Banker Balloons, filled with Coldwell Banker Swag.  A few holes in, however, the heavens signalled the beginning of the food, drinks and prizes as lightning shot out of the clouds, and the sky provided the rain we badly need in the heat.


We were pretty lucky to have stocked the prize table so well!  As the chefs ran around trying to fast-track dinner, we had a ton of fun distributing prizes.  You would have thought we were calling lottery numbers, as the winners came up to accept their prizes of sweaters, jackets, shorts, shoes, travel mugs, and more.  Every number resulted in shrieks, giggles and very happy recipients.  There was also 50/50 and a putting contest, which was fun, too!  By the time we wrapped up, the kitchen caught up and put out a fabulous spread.


We were lucky to have so many of us from the office in attendance.  Thanks to Susan, June, Marion, Trish, Janet, and Robyn for participating.  Even Tim happened upon us in the restaurant, so we posed for this photo.


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