Horizon Realty Gen “Blues” BBQ


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Is Ellen holding down the tent so it doesn’t blow away, or is she pole dancing?

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IMG_5468 IMG_5475

Thunder threatened, but it couldn’t stop the thunder of the blues band, Poppa Dawg at our annual Coldwell Banker Summer Party. This year, we brought back the old-school bash at Al and Astrid’s home overlooking the vineyard and lake. Memphis Blues BBQ House provided the messy, meaty dinner, which mixed with a very well stocked bar to provide a fun, memorable night! Here are some great photos from a memorable night full of friends and a whole lot of laughs.  …And it wouldn’t be a Summer BBQ at Al and Astrid’s without Susan in the pool and Ellen singing the Blues!

Thank you so much for Al and Astrid for opening up your stunning home, to Susan for organizing the clean up, for Amber, Nick and Kristy for the excellent service, to Ellen for jumping up on the mic, and to Kimberly and Jamie for all of the help setting up, picking up and organizing!  Let’s do it again next year:)


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