It’s Mike’s First Day!


Mike Wintemunte, our new Business Manager gets welcomed by a morning photo-bomb

As part of the strategy for Horizon Realty, we identified the need to hire a Business Manager.  The hunt was on, as we searched for the perfect candidate.  We were very fortunate that Mike submitted an application in response to an ad we placed in REM Magazine.  We made a short-list of applicants and conducted a series of interviews.  We are thrilled to announce that our confidence in Mike Wintemute as our choice was unanimous and we are thrilled that he is joining us in the role as Business Manager.

Who’s Mike?

Mike has been licensed since 1986 and obtained his Managing Broker license in 1989.  He has very involved in the industry as Managing Broker for Royal Lepage Vancouver, General Manager for Re/Max Sea to Sky Realty, owning his own brokerage in Whistler, and amalgamating with Sotheby’s International where he most recently managed their brokerage in Whistler.

What really stood out to us in interviewing Mike was his calm, no-nonsense approach and the broad range of experience he has.  He is forward thinking and a problem solver.  We thought this would be the perfect way to round out the management team.  Mike has been involved in sourcing out tech solutions, talent management and strategy and looks forward to bringing his skills to work here.

What is his role at Horizon Realty?

The new Business Manager role was created to form a balanced management team, once Susan retires.  This is what our team will look like:

Frank Buckland will continue on agent support and the Manager on Duty rotation.

Jennifer Odorizzi will be the Broker of Record, and dedicate herself to agent support, coaching and training.  She will continue with company marketing and social media.  She will be involved, with Mike and the ownership team, in developing the company’s vision and strategic plan.

Mike Wintemute is our new Business Manager.  He will be responsible for the financial side of the company, accounting, conveyancing, managing staff, technology,  and will be involved in developing the company’s vision and strategic plan.  Though Jennifer will be involved in the day to day agent support, you will sometime’s hear Mike’s voice on the after hours Manager Support Phone.

Some fun facts about Mike:

Mike loves the Okanagan, and was attracted to this area because it has everything you’d want from the big city, yet has the lifestyle we all dream of.  Mike’s daughter and some of his closed friends already call this home, and he looks forward to spending time with them here.

Mike always thought he would retire in Mexico, but after a family trip to Thailand he purchased a home there.

If he could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, his choice would be Jimmy Stewart.  Mike’s not that curious about the riches of Hollywood, but thinks Jimmy was a very down to earth guy.  He would look forward to hearing stories of Jimmy’s time as a Brigadier General in WWII.

A car nut, Mike  has owned many automobiles in his life.  One of his most favourite rides was his ’87 Corvette convertible.  When asked what his dream car is, it’s the Mercedes SLS, similar to the one Jane Hoffman had sponsored in the Dream Car Rally.


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